Workmanship requirements for folding tables

- May 11, 2020-

A folding table is a table that can have a folding function. The folding table is generally a steel-wood structure. Due to the characteristics of convenient folding and transportation due to the folding table, he is often seen in temporary reception venues such as banquets, conferences, and exhibitions, and has become indispensable furniture for hotels, exhibitions, and other places. Then the editor of the following folding table manufacturer will come to tell you what the workmanship requirements of the folding table are.

1. Material and workmanship are important factors that affect the quality of the folding table. The high-density PE hollow blow molding process is generally used when making the folding table. The materials used are strong and wear-resistant, with high impact resistance and stretch resistance. Cracking performance and good toughness.

2. In order to increase the convenience of the product, we have added a handle that can be carried by hand, and it is injection molded with engineering ABS material. The handle made of this material is strong, tough, impact-resistant, and strong in stretching, so it is used. It has a longer lifespan, and also has a certain degree of beauty, and the use effect is more favored and recognized by users.

3. The folding table product greatly optimizes the convenience of the folding table. Not only can it be folded at will, but also to adapt to various indoor and outdoor environments. Therefore, it has been recognized by more users and has become more and more widely used.