Why is the cloth chair so popular?

- Jun 14, 2018-

kids folding beach chair

Why are cloth chairs popular?

The first big advantage is breathability, a separate layer of cloth, so that you will not feel hot all summer.

The second is elastic, high-elastic cloth, to make your body more relaxed.

The third is toughness (fitting body).

The earliest design has a great technical difficulty is the compressive strength of cloth, until the materials science in the 1980s reached a stage when the americans used the chair. It is said that as long as the reclining within the range of 30 degrees, 200 kilograms of fat people will not overturned in the past fell to the nose and swollen face.

The imported high-grade cloth chair has the characteristics: Breathable, strong and durable. Mainly because the high-grade imported cloth has better air permeability than the ordinary cloth chair, and it will be more comfortable to sit up. The fabric of high-grade cloth chairs is more important. The general fabric can only serve as a seatback, and it can be used as a seat cushion or not. The pressure on the back of the seat is less, and the cushion needs to withstand a very large force, so the cloth chair on the market, generally cloth back, cloth seat cushion more chairs, high-end chairs with a dedicated imported cloth, with strong pressure, wear and durable.