Why a Backpack Chair is the Best Type of Outdoor Folding Chair

- Feb 13, 2020-

The good old folding outdoor chair - loved by millions of us and used in lots of different circumstances. Here in Spain, where I live, they are almost a part of the national diet. Spanish people love chilling out with their families on the beach and they love to have all their creature comforts around them too. The average Spaniard will struggle to the beach with a folding outdoor chair for every member of his party, quite often a full-sized gazebo, if not at least half a dozen parasols, picnic table and several coolboxes full of food. He will lay claim to his spot on the beach and then take a good half an hour to set up camp.

A folding outdoor chair is also a must for anyone who owns a caravan. Once the Summer arrives the roads are full of cars towing caravans to often, unknown destinations. They have the flexibility to pull up at a suitable park or verge side to have a snack, and out come to the folding chairs.

Whilst a folding chair is great for someone who can throw them in the back of their vehicle they are not such a good idea for anyone who is walking any distance and wants to take a portable chair with them, since they are quite bulky and cumbersome to carry, particularly if your hands are full with other bags or you have young children to hang on to and in these circumstances, a backpack chair is a fantastic alternative.

A backpacking chair is quite simply an outdoor chair that is designed to fold up into a carry bag that straps on to your back leaving you with hands-free. They come in two main categories, general outdoor use, and beach use. The chairs for outdoor use are usually covered with a strong breathable fabric that is easy to keep clean and also dries quickly, whereas the beach chairs are normally covered with a strong mesh type fabric that helps prevent sweating but are also designed so that if you sit on it straight after coming out of the water, the excess water drains through the fabric and any loose sand will also filter through the pores of the fabric. Many of the top quality backpack chairs have some neat accessories such as padded pillows, drink holders, sun canopies and utility pockets to hold small items such as keys and loose change.

The beauty of the backpack chair is that it offers a hassle-free way of bringing along a chair to sit on, does away with having to bring a parasol, and many contain sufficient storage to carry other items, that it also cuts down on the amount of other bags that you would have to carry.