What you need to know about the smell of a folding table

- Mar 10, 2020-

The product quality of outdoor portable folding tables has a direct impact on its use effect, so we must pay attention to choosing a good folding table when buying, but no matter what kind of folding table is a bit smelly So, is there anything you need to know about these smells? For this, let the relevant person of the folding table manufacturer tell you below.

Generally, the production materials of folding tables contain harmful substances and emit harmful gases, so the harm to the human body is direct, so we must pay attention to the quality when buying, and first smell the irritating taste. Generally strong folding tables, the plates are relatively poor. For irritating taste, ask the salesperson whether this irritating taste is the taste of inevitable accessories such as paints, adhesives, or the problematic taste of the board.

If you buy a folding table that smells good, try to put it outside for a few days before taking it to the room. If the taste does not disperse for a few days, it should be a quality problem, then it should be replaced. Under normal circumstances, these tastes will dissipate, and new purchases will have a bit of taste, which is normal.

What you need to know is that the high-quality folding tables on the market will not have that pungent taste, so that you can buy a suitable outdoor portable folding table, which is more environmentally friendly and more popular and recognized by users.