What Type of Folding Chair Should I Get?

- Feb 17, 2020-

If your gatherings will be mainly outdoors, you will need the type of folding chair that is weather-resistant. For outdoor events, you can choose wood or resin with padded vinyl seats, metal, iron, or plastic. Plastic will be the most inexpensive choice, but the resin or wood folding chair with padded vinyl seats will be more comfortable, and iron may come with removable waterproof cushions. Your choice depends on your budget, your guests and the length of your gatherings. Younger people tend to handle discomfort better than older ones, so your choice may depend on the age of your crowd.

Pool parties will require a different type of folding chair altogether, as sunbathing will be an important part of your event. Obviously, you will need waterproof chairs, while recliners would be the most effective type of folding chair for tanning.

Do you go to outdoor concerts, kids' sporting events, camping or to the beach on a regular basis? Then you will need what most people consider beach chairs or camping chairs. Generally, this type of will have wooden or aluminum frames, and canvas or nylon seats and backs. They can have side-tables, cargo pockets, footrests, cup holders, canopies, and can be rockers or recliners. They can even come in doubles. However, if you go to sporting events where you sit in the bleachers, you will need a stadium seat, which is a folding seat with a back that can sit on top of the bleachers.

If you are planning to have more indoor events, then you can choose indoor chairs. Again, your budget, your guests and the length of your gatherings may help you decide which type of folding chair to choose. For indoors, you have all the same options you did for outdoors, plus a few more. The upholstered folding chair is the most comfortable, especially ones with 2" cushions. And there are also mesh ones, which tend to be a bit pricier. Whatever type of folding chair you choose, you will be able to match yours, as they all come in a variety of colors.