What should I pay attention to when purchasing stainless steel racks?

- Nov 12, 2019-

Stainless steel shelves provide a lot of convenience for our lives, so we need to choose carefully when purchasing, we must consider the material, capacity, cleaning and so on.

1. When purchasing stainless steel racks, the height should be selected according to the actual situation, such as the bathroom, to be installed in the position where you can reach. The standard height is generally 190 cm or less, because the area where the human hand can reach is about 110 cm.

2. It is best to use the punching method when installing the stainless steel rack, because the installation is very firm and it is not easy to fall off. Therefore, when purchasing the stainless steel rack, we must select the one that can be punched.

3. When the stainless steel rack is installed, it is best not to tilt. When the position of the nail is best, use waterproof material. Use glass glue. It is necessary to avoid breaking the tile too deeply.