What's the best beach chair?

- Aug 08, 2018-

Kids Folding Beach Chair

1. The height of the back of the beach chair

In addition to stools without armrests and backrests, you can also choose low-armrests and low-back chairs. At this time, the center of gravity of the occupants will be placed on the person's waist and hips; if you have a back and therefore lean on the backrest, you may wish to choose a chair with a higher backrest. You can also see if the height of the backrest is near the neck, sometimes at a chair near the neck, instead letting the user habitually the 90 degree angle is placed on the backrest, which in turn can easily cause cervical spine damage.

2. The slope of the beach chair

The slope of the back and the softness of the "Addition" Should also be taken into account.

The slope of the back of the chair is bounded by 90 degrees, and most of the chairs are slightly more than 90 degrees, so that the center of gravity can be slightly backwards, and the whole person can sit securely on the chair. The chair with a larger leisure function has a larger slope and makes it feel like "Lying" On a chair.

3. The softness of the beach chair

Whether the softness of the seat cushion and the backrest is comfortable. If the chair is not attached with a seat cushion or a back cushion, look directly at the hardness of the material itself. The "Additional part" Should pay attention to the internal filling used, and test how it feels after sitting up. .

4. Beach chair stability

From the details of the structure of the chair, it is important to know the stability of the chair, such as the check of the joints such as cassettes and screws. It is recommended that the user should try to take a look at the purchase and shake the body slightly to understand the stability of the chair.