What kind of wood is the computer desk mostly?

- Mar 07, 2019-

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What kind of wood is the computer desk mostly?

With the development of technology, it has also driven sales in many industries. If there is a computer, it must be equipped with a computer desk. How much does the price of a home computer desk cost? According to the classification of materials, computer desks are generally divided into glass, composite panels, plywood, and plastic. There are more glass and composite panels on the market. The length of general synthetic panels can be divided into 50 cm-150 cm, and the price is 80-. About 150 yuan, about 150 yuan for glass. The price is for reference only, you can go to the physical store to see more, shop around, consumers can choose according to their own needs.

Computer table material: solid wood computer desk. The solid wood computer desk retains the inherent high density, toughness and high strength of the wood. It is durable, non-deformable, smooth in texture, soft in color, elegant and generous. Because solid wood is a constantly breathing organism, it needs to be placed in Suitable for modern office workers in a temperature and humidity environment.

Computer table material: painted computer desk. The main features of the paint computer table are high brightness, smooth and delicate surface, exquisite appearance, stylish appearance and rich color matching, suitable for young people and freelancers of the new era.

Computer table material: glass computer desk. The computer table made of transparent glass and metal combination is unique, the same appearance, different materials, the display will be different temperament and appearance. The glass computer table has the characteristics of fireproof, dirtproof and wear resistant, and is suitable for modern home and office.