What is the style of the kitchen rack?

- Nov 14, 2019-

1.Double dish drain rack

This rack style is very simple, double-layer design, very large capacity, you can put the washed dishes directly on the shelf, then the water will flow directly into the sink from a hole nearby, which is convenient and clean. Will not breed bacteria.

2.Kitchen vegetable and fruit preparation rack

This vegetable and fruit rack is also very practical, and the multi-layer design not only can store a lot of things, but also save space. The hollow side wall design is both ventilated and fresh and beautiful.

3.Microwave oven rack

This rack is very simple and practical, not only can be placed in the microwave oven, but also can be placed in the kitchen above the microwave oven, which can increase the kitchen space and make the kitchen more clean and tidy.

4.Wall-mounted multi-function rack

There are so many small things in the kitchen. All kinds of spoons, knives, and seasoning bottles can always make the kitchen messy. Therefore, when designing the kitchen, it is best to install a multi-functional rack on the wall, which not only saves space, but also saves space. Kitchenware can be stored to make the kitchen more clean and tidy.

5.Kitchen retractable sink rack

If the kitchen is too small, you can use the retractable kitchen rack as shown below. It can not only be adjusted according to your needs, but also has many functions. It can place items and drain water to make the kitchen more clean. tidy.

6.Large storage multi-function wall mount

When designing the kitchen, take advantage of the wall space and install the versatile wall mount on the wall. The stainless steel shelf is not only durable, but also has a strong storage capacity. It can be placed on top of various items to make the kitchen space more clean and tidy.