What do I need to see when buying a folding chair in the furniture market?

- May 29, 2020-

As a leisure seat, the folding chair is not only beautiful in appearance design, but also very comfortable in use. Its advantage is that it is simple and easy to collect, easy to carry when going out, does not occupy any space, you can find a place to store it when not in use. In addition, the chair surface can be disassembled at will for easy cleaning. The range of use is very wide, such as family, courtyard, corridor, camping, outdoor activities, and other leisure places that can be used.

First, look at the purpose

Before choosing a folding table and chair, you must first clarify what this set of foldable tables and chairs are used for. Whether it is used as a small dining table for entertainment, or with a low coffee table. In the former case, it is appropriate to choose a foldable table and chair with high height, so that whether you have to eat cards or drink tea, it is more comfortable, and it will not cause the body to curl up and discomfort because of its low height. If it is used with the low cabinet of the coffee table, you can choose a foldable chair similar to the small Maza type. The height of this chair is different from the height of a general home sofa. However, when sitting around the coffee table and chatting, whether it is a person on the sofa or a chair, the height is almost the same, and there will be no embarrassment due to the difference in height.

Second, look at the style

When you buy, you can choose the style of your home decoration, and then buy foldable tables and chairs according to this style is safer, and it will not make people feel abrupt because of the different styles. After determining the style, you can also think about what color choice will be more suitable for home improvement. Generally, the same-tone foldable tables and chairs are the safest. Of course, if you have a lot of research on the color, then use the color combination boldly. I believe there will be some unexpected beauty.

Third, look at the material

Compared with ordinary tables and chairs, in addition to saving space, lightweight, but also has an advantage in price. This is because most foldable tables and chairs use hollow tubes as brackets and plastic materials as panels, which is inexpensive. The materials used for folding tables and chairs with the same appearance may be no different, so you must be careful when selecting them and do not want to be cheap. After all, foldable tables and chairs come into close contact with the human body, and safety needs to be the first priority.