What are the reasons for the price difference of folding chairs in the market?

- Jun 12, 2020-

We know that the competition in the folding chair market is very fierce, especially the product competition at low-end prices has gradually fallen into the stage of price wars. It is understood that folding chairs' products have basically no brand due to the low recovery rate. Loyalty can be said, especially in the low-end market, when many consumers purchase, the brand's influence is relatively low, and the most sensitive to consumers is the price of the product, no matter how the salesperson emphasizes the product. The quality, after-sale service can not save customers, and only the price is the magic weapon for victory. There are countless folding chair manufacturers all over the country, and there are too many companies and shops that can be found online. Since there are so many folding chair companies, the price of folding chairs will naturally be competitive. It is also under this premise that there is no small difference in the price of folding chairs. So what are the factors that affect the price of folding chairs?

1. Suppliers, we know that folding chair manufacturer generally needs to purchase raw materials from suppliers to process into finished boards, then high-quality suppliers can not only provide high-quality raw materials but also give a preferential price If we can spend less money than competitors when purchasing raw materials, then the cost of producing folding chairs will be less than competitors.

2. Sales channels. In the past, folding chair manufacturers used to sell goods through distributors, so profits must be shared with distributors. Now, if we can provide one-stop services through channels we have established, then the final sales price will be sure. It is more favorable than competitors who distribute goods through dealers.

3. In the production process, in addition to being able to obtain advantages in raw material procurement, we can also save costs through the factory production process.

4. Management, through efficient management mode, enterprises can better coordinate various resources in the folding chair factory to improve production efficiency, and at the same time reduce product quality and after-sales problems, thereby reducing expenses and costs for enterprises.