What are the factors related to the stability of the folding table

- Jun 15, 2020-

The stability of the folding table is very important for the use. The manufacturer of the folding table also has certain requirements for the stability of the product during the production process. First, the manufacturer of the folding table will consider the force balance of the folding table. Relevant? This kind of problem cannot rely on local force analysis, but the overall analysis should be done. In fact, there are multiple sets of symmetrical relationships (at least 3 of them), and some of the component forces are eliminated in symmetry, so the local analysis is taboo and the overall force analysis The result is:

1. In terms of one side, the smaller the corner of the foot is, the more stable it is. Considering that the four corner wooden strips are smaller and the corner of the foot is more unstable, so we should combine the two to get the best. The inclination angle of the legs corresponding to the folding table is both acute and obtuse, and the size of the foot angle is the angle at which the table can be balanced (single side).

2. Reinforcing bars are distributed on both sides of the "midline" of the legs. This is a kind of "symmetrical" relationship mentioned above, and then the force analysis is carried out on each leg of the folding table, and a nonlinear programming model is established according to the geometric relationship. The force is mainly from top to bottom, not from two sides to the center. Therefore, the stability of the table will not increase by three legs forming a triangular shape.

3. Among all geometric shapes, the triangular structure is the most stable. Once the three sides are determined, only one type of triangle can be generated, and those above the quadrangle are unstable. For example, the square can be pulled into a rhombus, so the stability of the folding table is determined. Sex mainly depends on whether its backbone frame is fixed with triangles.