What are the classifications of folding chairs?

- Jan 14, 2020-

What are the classifications of folding chairs?

1.Textilene lounge chair

The Teslin fabric used in the deck chair is an emerging composite material with PVC on the outside and nylon on the inside. Its advantages are good pressure resistance, it won't break when sitting for a long time, and it is not easy to be dirty and easy to clean.

2.Phosphating steel pipe folding chair

This type of folding recliner uses high-precision precision drawn seamless steel tube finished tube as raw material, and phosphating with phosphating solution to form a phosphating protective film. The anticorrosive effect of the phosphatized steel pipe deck chair is obviously better than the oxidation treatment, and there will be no rusting or collapse of the rubber band after sitting for a long time.

3.Oxford fabric deck chair

Oxford cloth has the advantages of easy-to-wash, quick-drying, smooth feel, good moisture absorption, and comfortable wearing. The Oxford fabric on the leisure deck chair is made of flat weft or square weave. Multi-use polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn are intertwined.

4.Carbonized bamboo folding lounge chair

Carbonized bamboo chaise longue has a unique natural pattern of bamboo fiber. The color after carbonization is simple and almost the same as high-grade mahogany furniture, so it has a good leisure decoration effect. Bamboo plywood recliners can realize industrialized production and modularization of accessories. The overall design retains the advantages of natural and environmental protection. It is a rare lounge chair material and is deeply favored by consumers.