What are the advantages of folding chairs?

- Sep 11, 2019-

1.Small size, saving and most efficient use of space

Folding is also an effective way to reduce the size of the shape structure. Folding products have special significance for the most efficient use of factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, stadiums and housing spaces. For example, the size of a folding stool for drawing is 28×24×23cm, and the volume after folding is only 1/4.5 when it is opened. This saves space and is easy to store, and can be used in one room or for travel.

2.Easy to carry 

Some products need to be designed to be small and versatile due to special requirements. They are light and easy to carry. Folding products are a good form to meet this requirement. For example, travel sketches can be placed in pockets or even in pockets.


After folding, some sharp tools (knives, needles, scissors) not only reduce the space occupied, but also ensure the safety of carrying.

4.Easy to classify and use

The different shapes of the folded furniture are easy to classify and use.


Such as folding sofa, can be used as a sofa during the day, and can also be used as a bed at night.

6.Easy to handle handling

Folding tables, chairs and other furniture are small in size, flexible and maneuverable for storage and handling. Another example is a plastic movable metal bracket and a modern movable partition wall in the form of accordion folding. The load is light, easy to decorate, beautiful and elegant, lockable and openable, separable and sturdy, safe and sturdy, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

7.Conducive to standardized design and production

Since most of the folded parts are the same, and many of them are symmetrical, it is only necessary to design some parts and open a small number of molds to assemble the finished product, which is convenient for large-scale machining, improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity.