What are cane chair?

- Aug 23, 2018-

Portable Cane Chair

The cane chair is a chair frame made of coarse rattan. It is mainly made up of various chairs made of rattan cane core rattan wraps, such as rattan stool, rattan circle chair, rattan taishi chair and so on. Hyundai also uses PE rattan to make wicker chairs. PE rattan is easier to shape cane chair than real rattan.

The materials, handicrafts and technical sources of rattan materials are mainly based on the traditional techniques of Southeast Asia, which make the rattan products full of ancient southern style, less modern style, and usually more popular among middle-aged people. Wicker chairs are not only simple but not fun, and their style emphasizes art. There are Chinese-style peacock-shaped, chicken-shaped, sun-shaped, and European-style palace-type, crown-shaped and regular and irregular geometric shapes. Almost any rattan furniture can be tailored, so the style of rattan furniture is varied.