Types of portable folding tables

- Apr 29, 2020-

The outdoor portable folding table is a product that we use more now because it can save space very well and bring convenience to our lives, so what are its types? Outdoor folding table wholesale for everyone to introduce.

The common thing is that the wooden folding table is not only environmentally friendly but also has a relatively long service life. At the same time, due to the material, it is easy to design into various folding methods. There are also many different materials for the desktop, such as mahogany desktop and pearwood desktop, although the cost is high, they are easy to maintain and have a long life. There is also a rattan folding table, which uses an aluminum alloy skeleton and rattan woven steel foot nails, which not only has a thick texture, but also has a smooth and easy to clean surface, and has a long life without rust and is not easy to corrode and is easy to clean.

There are also plastic ones, which are lighter than folding tables made of other materials. They are more suitable for outdoor dinners or for advertising tables in marketing.