Two types of folding chairs commonly used for fishing

- Apr 03, 2020-

Throughout the ages, countless fishing enthusiasts have been fascinated by this activity, and the fishing chair is one of the common fishing tools for fishing enthusiasts. According to the folding chair manufacturers, there are two types of fishing chairs that are more common now, namely:

1. Multifunctional fishing chair: a multifunctional fishing chair, which includes a foldable chair. The two feet of the seat are respectively provided with a support frame for supporting a fishing rod and a bracket for supporting a fishing lure tray. The two legs are respectively provided with sleeves, supporting frames and brackets for movably sleeved connection. A sunshade is arranged on the seatback, and the backrest and the sunshade are connected by a curved arm device composed of two mutually movable curved arms. The support frame and bracket can be disassembled and then the folding chair is folded to effectively ensure that the folded chair has a smaller volume and is more convenient to carry. The fishing rod and bait tray are placed on the support frame and bracket to avoid the past. The bait tray and the fishing rod are directly placed on the ground. At the same time, two mutually movable curved arms are provided on the seatback to support the parasol, so that the parasol can be rotated at the same horizontal position to more conveniently shield the user from the rain. And the sun oblique, very convenient to use.

2. Combination fishing folding chair: Because of its large size and heavyweight, the combination fishing folding chair makes it difficult for many recreational fishing enthusiasts to enjoy the convenience brought by fishing. It is light in weight and has all the functions of a fishing box, which is sturdy and durable. It can be equipped with a turret rack, a bait box rack, and a fish guard. The main thing is a foldable chair, which is small in size and convenient to carry and solves many problems such as inconvenient carrying of fishing boxes and unsuitability for the wild.