Treatment method for table top scar of outdoor folding table

- Mar 25, 2020-

Outdoor folding table wholesalers said that during the use of folding tables, the desktop is prone to scars, so what should be done about these scars?

1. Eliminate watermarks: sometimes water drops on the table, if not dried in time, will leave a water stain on the table, wipe with a towel is still there, then you can use a wet cloth to cover the marks, Then use an electric iron to carefully press the wet cloth several times, the moisture of the traces will evaporate when heated, and the water traces can be eliminated.

2. Repair cracks: If the solid wood table top will cause cracks on the tabletop due to some external factors, then at this time, some remedial measures need to be taken. Burn an old cotton cloth or sacks into ashes, and then mix with raw tung oil to make a paste. Shape, inlaid into the cracks in the woodware, can be fixed after the shade is dry. Or, tear the newspaper into pieces. Add some alum and water, cook into a thick paste, cool it and apply it to the cracks of the wooden utensils, and it will be very firm after drying.

3. Scratches: If the tabletop is scratched, if the wood under the tabletop paint film is not damaged, then you can use a cotton cloth dipped in a little molten wax and apply it to the paint film abrasion to surround the scar. After the wax becomes hard, apply another layer and repeat it repeatedly, the scratch will not be clear.

4. Burn marks: Sometimes I did not pay attention to the cigarette butt or the unextinguished Mars on the desktop, resulting in burnt desktop paint film leaving burn marks, this time there will be a small burnt paint film on the desktop Then you can use a small piece of fine-grained hard cloth to wrap it with a chopstick head, then gently wipe the burnt traces, and then apply a thin layer of wax to remove the burn marks.