Tips for painting the folding table

- May 12, 2020-

A folding table is a table with a folding function. The folding table is generally a steel-wood structure. Due to the characteristics of convenient folding and transportation due to the folding table, he is often seen in temporary reception venues such as banquets, conferences, and exhibitions, and has become indispensable furniture for hotels, exhibitions, and other places. In the production of folding tables, painting is a very important operation process. Then the following manufacturers of folding tables will come to tell you about the methods of painting the folding tables.

1. The paint must be of good quality and must not contain any impurities. Before spraying the paint, you need to clean the surface of the folding table. When cleaning, you must not use water or liquids with high pH. To prevent the corners of the folding table from lifting.

2. The paint must not contain impurities, and the color should be even. When painting, it is necessary to apply evenly, and the thickness should be consistent. There should be no thick side and thin side, and no brush leakage, so as to produce a better quality folding table and make the folding table better.

3. Spraying can be used when painting or manually painted. After painting, it is best to wax the desktop again, so as to better protect the appearance and quality of the desktop, and let the paint Not easy to fall off.