Three common forms of portable folding tables

- Mar 19, 2020-

According to the wholesalers of outdoor folding tables, there are many types of folding tables on the market. There are three common types, which are:

1. Solid wood folding table: A solid wood folding table refers to a table made of solid wood as a raw material. Compared with other materials, it is more environmentally friendly and durable. In addition, with its solid wood material, the texture and beautiful atmosphere of the table can be more prominent.

2. Aluminum alloy folding table: Aluminum alloy folding table refers to the folding table with aluminum alloy as the raw material. It is lighter than the solid wood folding table. In addition, it can withstand heavy objects, will not easily deform, and has a longer service life.

3. Folding table by the wall: Folding table by the wall refers to the folding table on one side. Its characteristic is that it can be directly folded up against the wall when folded when not in use, reducing the occupied space to a certain extent. In addition, it can also play a very good role in preventing dust from adhering, which improves our living environment.