Three common folding chairs and benefits

- Mar 23, 2020-

There are many types of folding chairs produced by folding chair manufacturers. There are three common types:

1. Seat folding chair used in public places: The seat is manufactured according to the principle of human morphology engineering, with an S-shaped spring installed to ensure that the curve of the back of the chair completely conforms to the curve of the human body, and the seat is comfortable. It is a combination of aesthetics and high technology.

2. Beach chair leisure chair: suitable for home, unit lunch break, fishing, travel, folding camp bed, easy to carry, the design of the backrest can be adjusted, more comfortable and more reasonable.

3. Folding chairs for home use: Lightweight, stackable chairs are convenient for moving and save space. The seat panel and the back panel are generally injection-molded in the mold with native PP plastic; the square and steel tubes of the chair frame and the chair legs are sprayed with electrostatic silver powder. The square steel tube is more durable than the round steel tube; Placed on the ground will be added with foot pads to prevent slipping and avoid scratching the floor.

The main advantages of using this folding chair are:

1. Conducive to standardized design and production: Because the parts of the folding chair are mostly the same, and many are symmetrical, it is only necessary to mechanically process some parts to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

2. Convenient for loading and unloading: The folding chair is small in size, flexible and maneuverable, which is convenient for storage and handling.

3. Easy to carry: Some products are designed to be compact and versatile due to special requirements. Folding chairs are one of them, which is convenient to carry, such as chairs that can be easily carried on trains.

4. Small size, saving and effective use of space: folding chairs have special significance for the effective use of space in factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, gyms, and housing

5. Safety: The sharp parts of some chairs not only reduce the space after folding but also ensure the safety of carrying.