Three aspects to pay attention to when purchasing a folding table

- Mar 11, 2020-

In order to bring more convenience to the folding table manufacturer, although the folding table is simple and convenient to use, it brings us a lot of conveniences, but the process requirements are very strict during production. However, there are three things that cannot be ignored when purchasing:

1. Size: The size deviation of the folding table is only between 1mm. It cannot be too large or too small, because it will affect its quality.

2. Table legs: The selection of table legs must also ensure its quality. There must be no raised blocks or large defects in texture. Pay attention to whether the height is the same. If some are high or low, this cannot be used. Generally, the tabletop and the table legs are connected by tightening screws and nuts. When tightening, be sure to tighten.

3. Material selection: It is very important to make the folding table material. The selected board must not have cracks, scars or the like. It can allow the board to have little black spots, but the premise is not to affect the quality because these black spots can be completely covered when painting.