Three aspects of surface quality analysis of outdoor folding table

- Jun 04, 2020-

When purchasing an outdoor folding table, you must analyze the surface quality, such as safety and stability, so as to ensure that the products we buy do not have problems. How should you analyze it?

1. Check the surface quality. You can put your hand on the surface of the table, and carefully check whether the polished surface is smooth. If it is smooth, the quality is better, especially to check whether the legs and other parts are rough. When checking whether the paint is painted with streaks, whether the corner paint is too thick, whether there are cracks or bubbles, these are the standards to be checked.

2. In addition, due to the different labels on the table legs, the quality is very different. For example, stainless steel, inferior steel pipes are not only poor in load-bearing, especially easy to rust, gloss secret, please carefully check when buying, so as to ensure the quality of the purchase, then choose the connection accessories It is important to pay attention to rust prevention and endurance. The rust prevention function is very important so that it will not rust in long-term use.

3. At the time of production, the temperature of the outdoor folding table manufacturer's hot press extraction must be controlled according to the premise required for the rapid chemical reaction of the rubber material and the heat necessary to supply the moisture of the volatile rubber layer. If it is in the rush time, we must Use a temperature higher than that required for the curing of the adhesive layer to shorten the hot pressing cycle, but it also has an impact on the quality of the folding table itself.

If the temperature is too high, the outdoor folding table manufacturer needs to carry out cooling treatment, because the excessive temperature will cause uneven heating, so that the folding table will have various problems in future use, such as cracking, bubbling, etc.