The magic of shelves

- Nov 28, 2019-

There are many materials for making shelves, so there are also different styles. In most house decoration, most of the bathrooms are made of glass, ceramics and other shelves, so you don't have to worry about getting wet by water. The living room and kitchen choose different material shelves according to different decoration styles. During the use of the shelf, the surface treatment methods of the shelf are different, and the results achieved are also different. There are three different ways to treat the surface of the painted shelf: the mixed oil covering all the wooden texture on the surface of the shelf, you can choose the color of the painted surface; the oily shelf can fully expose the wooden texture, thus showing the texture of the wood; The semi-open paint effect between the mixed oil and the clear oil can express a special ageing effect. The painted shelves are also painted, the surface is very beautiful and the texture is strong. Unpainted shelves are difficult to buy on the market, and if the owner needs them, they can make them at home.

In the north of our country, shelves also have a role. Generally, houses have been renovated for a long time, and many people will see the walls above the heater begin to turn black. This is due to the dry weather in the north, with strong static electricity, so that there is a lot of dust. The convection heat of the radiator drives the air circulation. Under the effect of air pressure and static electricity, the dust in the air is adsorbed on the wall, so the wall becomes blacken. So how can we remove the black on the wall? We can place a shelf above the radiator in advance, and plant some long-vine plants such as spider plants on the shelf. In the winter heating period, this can block the circulation of hot air flow, prevent the walls from becoming dark, and also decorate the room.

Proper use of shelves can bring a lot of convenience to people: placing a shelf on the wall of the entrance hall of the room can hold keys, door cards and other small items. Very convenient; we can also place a quick shelf next to the TV, which can place a CD on it; we can also place a shelf above the wall next to the dining table, which can place the condiments used for ordinary meals on it.