The correct use of room temperature assimilation adhesive in the folding table desktop

- May 14, 2020-

Outdoor folding table manufacturers need to control the quality of all aspects of the production process. The tabletop must be strictly produced. For example, room temperature assimilation adhesive has a great effect on the tabletop of the folding table.

In the production of outdoor folding tables, if the temperature is too low, the glue strength is often reduced or cannot be glued because the glue is not fully cured. If you want to increase the bonding temperature, you can promote the evaporation of water in the glue and the polycondensation reaction of the resin, accelerate the curing of the glue, and shorten the glue time. We also need to find the pressure that is suitable for our use, because there are many effects on the pressure, so we need to pay special attention when producing, which requires the use of room temperature assimilating adhesives.

Therefore, the quality of the room temperature assimilation adhesive will directly affect the quality of the folding table desktop, and we can carefully distinguish when we buy from outdoor folding table manufacturers.