Testing method for quality of outdoor folding table

- Apr 10, 2020-

There are many types of folding tables in the outdoor folding table wholesale market, and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, when buying, if you want to know whether its quality is good or bad, you can start with the following aspects to detect.

When buying an outdoor folding table, the intuitive quality inspection method is to check from the details. First of all, it is important to observe whether there is a certificate of certification printed on the outdoor folding table. It is more important to read the printing, company name, address, phone number on the certificate These are important signs for judging outdoor folding tables. Secondly, it is important to look at the excuses for the tables for flaws and cracks in the steel bars. These are more important. Secondly, check the thickness of the desktop. Generally, the thicker the better.

It is more important to check the table legs, which is also more important, because the quality of the table legs will directly affect the use, so we must carefully check the details when buying. The folding table is simple, convenient and easy to store, eliminating the trouble of moving the stupid tables and chairs at home, at the same time portable and stylish, with a sense of design, compact and visible, simple line design, tight and orderly, strong and durable, unique style and rich art Breath, using good compression artificial board material, the solid wood part is made of excellent material, the quality can be guaranteed.