Shelf storage function

- Nov 26, 2019-

Depending on the arrangement of the plates, the shelf can be transformed from a simple display board into a bookshelf, CD rack, shoe rack, dish rack, and storage rack. It has both a decorative effect and a storage function.

Shelves can bring a lot of convenience to people's lives: in the hallway, you can install a shelf on the wall to store small items such as keys, door cards, glasses, etc. that are used when going out, which is extremely convenient; On the wall, you can install a row of shelves as a CD rack for easy access; on the back of the living room sofa, you can also place a row of shelves, which can be used for some books or a shelter for snack cans. In this way, you can take the snacks you want to watch when you are watching TV. You can read books when you are not watching TV, which is convenient and does not take up space. At the bedside of the bedroom, you can install a row of shelves, or you can place some books and flip through them. On the wall above the table, you can place a shelf to put some small bottles of hot sauce, vinegar, etc. that you usually use for dinner, and you can also put some chic wine, delicate craft porcelain plates, or a bunch of Flower arrangement and a pot of green plants make meals more interesting. On the wall of the kitchen stove, you can place a shelf to put seasoning bottles such as pepper, oil, salt, etc. at a glance and easy to use; In the bathroom, hold toiletries, soap glass shelf is already very common.

In addition to storing small items, the shelf can also be made into a large storage area. Use shelves as bookshelves, and choose the right book files to complement the bookshelves. Rustic-shaped bookends can be paired with wood-colored shelves. Cute or alternative bookends can be paired with painted or oil-filled shelves. If used exclusively as a storage rack, you can store shoes and schoolbags in the porch area, outside. Pull up the curtains to make it more beautiful. In addition, you can also store sundries on the balcony, use shelves instead of cabinets, and handle the side that touches the wall. If you store clothes, you can paste the wall with wallpaper. If you want to For storage of debris, no wall treatment is required.