Several workmanship requirements for folding tables by folding table manufacturers

- May 20, 2020-

Folding table manufacturers now produce folding tables that are not only limited in terms of practicality. Many of the folding tables produced have greatly improved the beauty and practicality of folding tables on the premise of satisfying the practicality. Outdoor and indoor folding tables have different requirements. Today, let's take a look at the materials and workmanship of outdoor folding tables.

Material and workmanship are important factors affecting the quality of the outdoor folding table. When making the folding table, the manufacturer uses a high-density PE hollow blow molding process. The materials used are strong and wear-resistant, with high impact resistance and tensile stretch crack resistance. The performance and toughness are good. In order to increase the convenience of the product, we have added a handle that can be carried by hand, and it is injection molded with engineering ABS material. The handle made of this material is strong, tough, impact-resistant, and strong in tensile, Therefore, it has a longer life span and a certain aesthetic value.

The most important thing is to greatly optimize the convenience of the folding table, without being able to fold freely, it can also adapt to various indoor and outdoor environments, so it has been recognized by more users.