Several methods for testing the quality of outdoor folding tables

- May 21, 2020-

The outdoor leisure folding chair produced by the folding chair manufacturer is not only beautiful in appearance but also very comfortable in use. Its advantage is that it is simple and easy to collect, easy to carry when going out, does not occupy any space, you can find a place to store it when not in use. In addition, there are some products where the chair surface can be disassembled at will for easy cleaning. The range of use is very wide, such as family, courtyard, corridor, camping, outdoor activities, and other leisure places that can be used.

As the types of folding tables on the market continue to increase, many consumers do not know what kind of folding table to choose. Let's introduce the outdoor folding table quality inspection methods by outdoor folding table manufacturers.

To check the quality of the folding table, the first thing to check is the bracket part. Check it a few times to see if the opening and closing of the folding table is smooth; nowadays, most folding tables on the market use stainless steel tubes, and the stainless steel tubes have different labels. The quality is very different. Inferior steel pipes are not only poor in load-bearing, especially easy to rust, but gloss is also talked about, you should carefully check when buying; secondly, it is an important part of the connection equipment of the folding table, and the selection of connection accessories must pay attention to rust prevention and bearing capacity Disqualification will seriously affect the service life.