Precautions for cleaning and maintenance of wooden folding chairs

- Apr 14, 2020-

Folding chair manufacturers said that in order to ensure the effectiveness of the folding chair, there are a few things to note when cleaning and maintaining it:

1) Thoroughly scrub with a cloth dampened with neutral detergent, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. At the same time, we must pay attention to moisture, if it is just the general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured of the rust resistance of iron facilities. In case of foggy weather, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water drops on the iron art; if it rains, it should be dried in time after the rain stops.

2) It is recommended to be placed in an environment with suitable temperature and humidity to avoid damage to the natural color of the wooden surface. When there is a lot of dirt, you can use diluted neutral detergent with warm water to wipe it once, and then wipe it with clean water. Remember to wipe off the residual water stains with a soft dry cloth. After completely wiped off, use the maintenance wax Grinding, even if you are done, only by paying attention to daily cleaning and maintenance can you make the furniture last forever.

3) Use less water when cleaning the wooden folding chair. Wipe it regularly with a slightly damp cloth with a mild detergent, then dry and polish with a clean soft cloth. You can also use a liquid scrubbing agent to wipe it carefully. You can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains, but the lemon stays on it for as little as 2 minutes. Repeat the operation if necessary, then wash and dry.