Outdoor folding tables and chairs, can be folded easily

- May 07, 2020-

Outdoor folding tables and chairs are favored by outdoor enthusiasts because of their light and foldable functions. Folding tables and chairs are very convenient for people to use in travel, picnics, and family outdoor gatherings. Their own characteristics are mainly small and convenient. So how much do you know about household folding tables and chairs? Today, outdoor folding table wholesale manufacturers show us.

1. Mahogany desktop folding table and chairs

This outdoor folding table and chair, which is also made of aluminum alloy, has a red solid wood tabletop and green grass. Is it particularly youthful? The chairs that are not connected to the table are easier to store and occupy less space.

The plastic fireproof board of the desktop is high-strength, high-density, and corrosion-resistant; the high-strength aluminum alloy used in the table frame has the good load-bearing capacity and is durable against pressure. It can hold things of about 30 kg. The stool is designed with double-layer thickened Oxford cloth, which is stronger than the load-bearing capacity of the table. The color is also beautiful and resistant to dirt. The entire equipment is less than eight kilograms. Is it very lightweight? The color advantage is also very suitable for use in wild sketches.

2. Camouflage folding table and chairs

This military green five-piece leisure outdoor folding table and chairs. The stool is made of iron steel pipe, which is strong and pressure resistant. It shrinks and occupies a small footprint. It can be easily stored in the trunk of the car. Is it very simple and convenient? The height of the chair can also be adjusted, which is very flexible. The stainless steel material prevents deformation and also protects against the sun. It has a beautiful appearance and is suitable for any kind of outdoor environment.

3. One-piece folding table and chairs

This outdoor folding table and chair made of aluminum alloy are made of the high-density fireproof board on the table side and tabletop. It is strong, practical, finely crafted, and very strong. Due to the material problem, it is also very lightweight and easy to carry. It is convenient for people playing outside to rest anytime and anywhere. A self-driving outdoor barbecue can consider choosing this one.

4. Aviation aluminum folding chair

This folding chair made of aviation aluminum material has a scratch-resistant hard oxidation treatment on the surface, and layout design has been added to the inside. The recessed design on the surface of the chair ensures your safety, so you wo n’t worry about falling when eating. The danger of falling.

The simple pure white table, simple and elegant, plus the design of the sunshade fan, you do n’t have to worry about sunburn when dining in the wild. The thick umbrella stand is hard and firm, which is very suitable for outdoor leisure friends.