Material classification of materials

- Nov 20, 2019-

There are many materials in the shelves, reflecting different styles. Shelves with logs are more common, as well as glass, resin, metal, wrought iron, ceramics and stone. The choice of what material shelf, how to use, mainly depends on the overall home style. Generally speaking, the bathroom is suitable for shelves of glass, ceramics, etc., and there is no need to worry about being wetted by water. In the living room and kitchen, you can choose the appropriate materials according to the decoration style. For example, in the rustic style, you can use the wooden board with wrought iron styling brackets to create an atmosphere. The modern style can use glossy paint, the brackets are best hidden and appear to be in order. There is also a modern sense.

In addition, the different treatment methods of the surface can also reflect the different effects of the shelf. The lacquered shelves have three different surface treatment methods: the oily texture completely covered with the wooden texture, and the color of the lacquer can be selected at will; the clear oil shelf can completely reveal the wood texture, reflecting the texture of the wood; The semi-open lacquer effect can show special shabby effects. The painted shelves are also painted, the surface is very bright, the texture is strong, and the unpainted shelves are generally less available on the market, and the owners can DIY at home.