Manufacturing method and maintenance of folding table top

- Apr 22, 2020-

Folding table manufacturers say that the products produced are favored by the majority of users because of their novel ideas, new structure, easy folding, and storage, and do not occupy space, etc., especially for small space families and outdoor enthusiasts. How is the tabletop made?

The appearance and quality of the folding table products place strict requirements on the board used. First, cut the wood into cubes, and then use a multi-chip machine to cut the cube into small pieces of core strips. The core strip is assembled into a large template, and the two sides are covered with a layer of approximately 2mm middle skin, attached to the top and bottom of the core strip, and the template is sanded to make the surface flat. Then, press a layer of epidermis on the surface of the middle skin to complete the production of the entire desktop.

Although the production method is relatively simple, the following maintenance work should also be done during the use:

1. When conditions permit, users can regularly wax the desktop Jining, because it is both beautiful and can also play a role in avoiding water.

2. The desktop is made of wooden materials, so you must not pour water directly on the desktop or wipe it directly with a rag with water, because it is easy to cause expansion and damage to the desktop.

3. When performing maintenance, first clean the oil stains on the desktop with a semi-dry rag with detergent, and then wipe it clean with a dry rag, which can extend its service life.