Main points and paint environment of outdoor folding table

- Apr 24, 2020-

The foldable portable table produced by the folding table manufacturer provides convenience for the majority of users to travel. Due to the use environment, the folding table needs a layer of paint, which can not only ensure the appearance but also extend the service life. Generally speaking, there are a few things to pay attention to when painting a folding table.

Before painting, the surface of the table should be clean. When cleaning, pay attention not to use corrosive liquids, but also choose good quality paint without any impurities on the table. Of course, when painting, the color should be applied evenly, and the thickness should be consistent. The phenomenon that one side is thick and the other side thin cannot occur, and of course, the brush cannot be missed.

However, you should also pay attention to its painting environment when painting:

1. The painting site requires cleanliness and no dust. A thorough cleaning should be carried out before painting. Air circulation should be strengthened during painting. The ground should be frequently splashed with water during operation. Do not cross work with the dust-generating work.

2. Brushing should be carried out in a slightly dry climate, and the temperature needs to be above 5 ℃ to ensure the normal drying of the paint film, shorten the construction cycle, and improve the quality of the paint film.

3. The construction site where the paint is applied should have good lighting conditions to ensure accurate color matching, no brush leakage during construction, and timely detection of changes in the paint film, which is convenient for taking measures. Therefore, in a dark environment, it is necessary to prepare a lighting lamp on the working surface.