Kitchen shelf selection tips

- Oct 29, 2019-


Carbon steel is cheaper than stainless steel, but it is usually stronger than stainless steel but rusts. Stainless steel has better corrosion resistance, smooth surface and long service life, but stainless steel has low strength and is expensive.


The mesh is more focused on the load-bearing capacity. The general household kitchen racks can bear 30-50kg per layer, but the standards of different manufacturers are different. The high-quality mesh can see the precise welding process, the mesh is denser, it is not easy to be bent, and more items can be placed. The inferior mesh has no way to meet the requirements of load bearing, the density is too large, and only a few small items can be placed.

3.The junction

The height of the mesh can be adjusted through the joint of the kitchen rack, the unique design can be freely moved at any time, and the common rack fixed structure design, the mesh spacing can not be adjusted, and more items can not be placed.

4.The wall

The quality of the kitchen rack wall is generally above 0.8mm, the sturdy is not easy to deform, and the load is also guaranteed. The inferior tube wall is only about 0.4mm. If the maximum load is exceeded, the rack is easily bent and deformed.

5.Non-slip rubber pad

The kitchen shelf should be equipped with anti-slip rubber pad, and it can be adjusted according to the ground, which is convenient for use on uneven ground. It is made of rubber with good quality and is more wear-resistant and non-slip, making the kitchen rack more stable.