Kitchen shelf purchase

- Oct 23, 2019-

1. According to the materials produced, the racks currently on the market are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel is relatively cheaper, but its strength is better, and the disadvantage is that it will rust. Stainless steel has very good anti-corrosion ability, the surface is also very bright, and the service life is also relatively long. The disadvantage is that the strength is not very good, and the price is more expensive.

2.According to each layer of the mesh to choose, the first thing to look at the mesh is its load, usually the shelf used in the home is probably the weight of each layer of the mesh can load 40 pounds, but each brand The standard for the load of the product is not the same. The mesh is well made, it can be seen from the surface of the welding process level, the grain is also very fine, and will not be bent by heavy objects, it can be placed a lot of kitchen utensils.

3. It is also necessary to select according to the connection position of the mesh. The connection position on the shelf can adjust the height of the mesh. With this design, the mesh can be moved at will, so that it can be conveniently placed. The item is gone, don't care about the height of the item.

4. When selecting the rack, be sure to choose a non-slip mat so that it can be conveniently placed anywhere, so you don't have to worry about the wear on the place.