What kind of material is good for kitchen shelving?

- Sep 24, 2019-

What kind of material is good for kitchen shelving?

1. Wooden kitchen shelving

Wood shelving adopts natural solid wood production and processing, which not only retains the clear texture of wood, but also has a good bearing capacity. The biggest characteristic is environmental protection is beautiful, but what be insufficient only is waterproof effect is not ideal, in use process, should wear of this kind of buy content to place in dry place.

2. Aluminum kitchen shelving

Space aluminum kitchen shelving is also a common product nowadays. It is produced by pressing and stretching space aluminum and divided into different functions according to different USES, such as storing bowls, chopsticks and plates. This kind of support material is worn material is qualitative stability, use time is long, it is one of relatively ideal material.

3. Stainless steel kitchen shelving

Stainless steel kitchen buy thing to wear modelling design to be rich, can make all sorts of shapes, but production technology is simpler, be affected by moisture very easily, and undertake oxidation, should place in dry kitchen position.

4.Plastic kitchen shelving

Plastic kitchen shelving made of plastic, corrosion resistance is very good, acid and alkali resistance, and waterproof effect is good. Additional plastic kitchen puts content to wear price quite material benefit, the affection that gets a user deeply, but not endure high temperature, and below high temperature, material pledges volatile a few harmful material, can cause injury to human body.