How to maintain the outdoor folding table?

- Apr 30, 2020-

Do you usually find it convenient to use an outdoor portable folding table, but do you think it needs maintenance after use? The folding table manufacturer tells you that paying attention to the usual maintenance can not only maintain the beauty of the outdoor folding table, but also extend its service life.

Nowadays, most outdoor folding tables have a fireproof board or a molded board on the outside, and the periphery is sealed with plastic or aluminum alloy strips. Therefore, we should use less water or wipes with water to wipe directly, because it is easy to seal and swell together. Can be cleaned with a semi-dry cloth with detergent. In order to extend the service life of the desktop, you can wax once every two or three months. As for the table legs, they are generally steel tubes. If you do n’t pay attention, they will become rusty, so you should pay attention not to spread water on the table legs. If there is water that needs to be dried in time, you can also wax it for maintenance.

Outdoor folding tables are convenient for our lives, and we should also cherish it. Pay attention to maintaining it, not only can extend its life and maintain its beauty, but also make us feel happy when using it.