How to judge the stability of the folding table?

- May 13, 2020-

There are many types of products produced by folding table manufacturers, and there are many application environments. If you want to use it outdoors, the folding table needs to face a more complicated environment than indoors. At that time, the stability of the folding table is particularly important, and it has become an important criterion for measuring the eligibility of the folding table, and it has also raised higher challenges for folding table manufacturers.

For the production of folding tables, it not only puts forward strict requirements for other appearances and quality but also requires its stability to be improved accordingly. This is related to whether the folding table can be used normally. After analysis, the table corresponding to the round table The inclination angle of the legs is both acute and obtuse. The manufacturer of the folding table will analyze the force of each leg of the round table and establish a nonlinear programming model based on the geometric relationship. The force of the table is mainly from top to bottom, Not from both sides to the center.

 From the above, we know that the stability of the table and whether the legs are composed of three legs, it does not matter whether they form a triangle, so when choosing, the easiest thing is to put our favorite folding table on the ground and personally have a test. The above is a brief introduction of folding table manufacturers about the stability of folding tables, I believe you have a certain understanding.