How To Decorate Plastic Folding Chairs

- Jul 20, 2020-

This DIY project helps brides and grooms to give their special day a personal touch with a few simple pieces of plastic and a little help from a friend or relative. 

For example, it's a fun way to decorate a high-quality plastic folding chair at your wedding when you write "Mr. and Mrs. I just married" on a decorative plaque or hang ribbons that match the colors on the bridge between the groom's reception chair and the chair. Decorating the end of the aisle with bows and pomanders is another great way to decorate a folding chair for the ceremony. You can also use tulle rollers to tie loops around the back of your chair or add personal notes instead. 

You can cover the whole chair with a very large lawn leaf bag and then tie a bow, but I have not tried it myself. 

If not, you can add ribbons, seat wings, and pillows to your wedding color palette. Think about your surroundings and budget for the wedding before deciding whether to use the folding chair or its replacement. Use pillowcases that match the color scheme of the event, such as red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, or even green. 

The size is up to you, but the flag pole and banners can be adapted to the theme of your event. A large banner hangs on each row of chairs, and garlands hang on the back of the chairs in the last row. 

Add branches of wildflowers to each chair that guests can take with them when they remove them. 

Add a small light to each chair that represents the season in which the event takes place. Once you have chosen a decoration you love, choose a folding chair style that fits your event setup. Now you can prepare to invest a little more budget in your décor to refresh your chairs. 

This chair decoration is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding, and if you are planning a winter wedding, a wreath for your chair decoration would fit right in. Check out our tutorial on how to make your own wedding wreaths to get a quick and easy step by step guide to the process. 

Wood, resin, and folding chairs are used every day around the world, and ribbons hang as an option, but what about the plastic chairs? 

 These chairs offer customers a very elegant design, and while many people are happy with their appearance, some prefer to add their own creative twist to line the chairs for use.  offers a step-by-step guide on how to create a chair apron that can be placed on the back of the chair. 

You can tie them together in a way that you can't just strip them off to pull them over the cover, but they're not too tight. 

If you want to add a little color to the mix, colored chair covers are an option, but can be expensive and hard to find and are another option. Another option is to use a white chair cover and then tie a beautiful colored "chair sash" around the chair. You should spend at least $2-3 per chair, so you should look for a plain white polyester chair covered in fabric. 

We had a wedding reception in our church, but the chair was a brown folded metal chair (itch!), so there wasn't too much chair rental. We used a table and a chair, but did anyone know of any cheap and creative decoration ideas for this kind of thing? 

Last year we got married in the beach house where we had our reception, which had an ugly party and we had to get out of it. 

If you're planning a wedding in the near future, dress up your loved ones in a wonderful way with a few plastic folding chairs. If your upcoming wedding is on a budget, folding chairs are a great way to seat multiple guests comfortably and inexpensively. Read below some ideas on how to set up a folding chair for your upcoming wedding. 

So here's how to restore a chair in this incredible tutorial and take some great ideas with you to make them at home. In addition, you can buy a few chair backs, flaunt the beauty that can be created with a simple chair cover and you're home-made! 

A few more tips on things to consider before buying, and even more ways to make home-made chair covers. follow the highlights of what your sewing table looks like and follow. 

This round plastic table can be used to create a space for group work and collaboration, or as a folding portable table to take it anywhere you need a flat surface to work or play. You can create a step grading where everyone has a view of the podium by raising the height of your adjustable folding tables with ease. When not all mat tables have foldable rows that can be used when folding them, you can cut them in half and fold the mat table in two.