How to choose outdoor folding tables and chairs for off-road driving?

- May 06, 2020-

When you look at the mountains in the mountains, look at the pure lakes and lakes in the western plateau, or admire the sunset dunes in the vast desert, a set of comfortable and lightweight outdoor portable folding tables and chairs should be you The travel equipment is always on board. Folding table manufacturers introduce how to choose outdoor folding tables and chairs for off-road driving.

Compared with other ordinary outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor folding tables and chairs for self-driving off-road vehicles should fully consider the needs of outdoor camping and off-road travel, especially some details that should be considered, such as comfort and firmness.

The material of the folding chair used for off-road self-driving is currently made of Oxford fabric, which is quite good in comfort and durability. The interlayer is filled with high-resilient hollow cotton, which is soft and well-supported, just a layer of cloth. Sitting on an ordinary outdoor chair is much more comfortable.

Since it is folded, folding is an important function, one is to facilitate folding, and the other is to occupy less space in the car. These two aspects must be considered when buying. If you are tired when driving in the wild, if you are tired If you can lie down comfortably on a chair for a while, that's a beautiful thing, so when buying, you must consider its rotation, how many angles can be adjusted, of course, just sit and sit.

When driving off-road, you may encounter different road conditions, which requires that the folding chair can adapt to different terrains, no matter the inaccessible jungle or the endless desert, as long as it is unfolded, it needs to be able to support it. A basic requirement is The contact surface of the chair corner needs to be large, and even the muddy ground and the uneven ground standstill.

Some folding chairs will also put a small tray next to them, which is convenient to put a mobile phone or mineral water, etc., fully consider the needs of users, especially friends who want to be lazy. Outdoor folding tables are currently made of aluminum alloy. One of the characteristics of aluminum alloy is that it is light and easy to clean. When buying, you must pay attention to whether the table legs are designed for off-road environments. If it is just ordinary, it will break if you use it a few times.

The bracket needs to be strong and durable, as far as possible, it is made of metal.

One more thing, of course, is easy to fold and takes up little space in the car.