How to choose folding chair?

- Jun 26, 2018-

Portable Cane Chair

How to choose folding chairs?

1. Weight:

Look at the overall quality of the folding chairs, the key lies in whether the framework has strong, we can be when buy chair around before and after the shake, shake, if strong strong, is the chair of good quality.

2. Architecture:

Some products in quality inspection in order to get qualified, will be some waste of the foot into steel pipe, in order to achieve the purpose of the weight of qualified, the folding chair it is easy to bend the steel pipe to sit out. Suggest consumer oneself try to sit personally, every angle should change a bit, understand its conformance, buy again after affirmatory.

3. Materials:

If the folding chair is an aluminum alloy pipe, it is better to choose the steel pipe with a thickness of about 1.2 mm and no impurities. Better is aluminum alloy tube, more portable, easy to fold.

4. See details:

Because the equipment and technology in the factory are different, the details are different. When we buy, we must carefully observe whether the steel pipe is rough or burrs, and then see whether the movable joints of the steel pipe have arc treatment. If these details are ignored, consumers can easily get their hands and feet cut by sharp burrs or sharp corners.