How to choose a folding chair?

- Feb 12, 2020-

At present, there are many types of folding chairs on the market. How can we quickly select the folding chair that suits you?

1. Pay attention to the welding place: If the folding chair is a steel frame structure, pay attention to the welding place should be smooth and free of gaps, and the coating should be uniform and soft.

2. Pay attention to the thickness of the steel pipe: If the folding chair is an aluminum alloy pipe, the thickness of the steel pipe is about 1.2 mm without impurities.

3. Pay attention to the degree of firmness: see the overall quality of the frame, you can use two hands to shake the product back and forth, left and right, and shake, the firm description of the frame is good.

4. Pay attention to the quality of the cloth: buy leather can be pinched with two fingertips to pull up and pull, feel strong, good recovery is first-class.

5. Try sitting: Try sitting for yourself to understand its comfort level, change every angle, and buy after confirming.

Ergonomics of the product

1. Outdoor folding chair: preferably aluminum alloy tube, ABS engineering plastic, lighter weight, easy to fold, armrests on both sides, more convenient and suitable to use.

2. Coffee table type folding chair: can expand the coffee table, can be put away after use, lightweight, suitable for travel and family use.

3. Leisure chair: rust-proof, sun-proof, moth-proof, anti-deformation, easy to fold, lightweight, easy to carry and save space. In addition to all the performance characteristics of the foldable table and chair, it is more durable than the fold Suitable for use: a picnic in the countryside.

4. Cool folding chair: The single-sided seat design and backrest are more cool and comfortable, and can be placed directly on the ground. It is convenient and comfortable regardless of eating and cooling.