How to buy kitchen shelves?

- Oct 31, 2019-

How to buy kitchen shelves?

The kitchen on the market buys content to wear to have a lot of kinds now, defend all sorts of knives to wear technically, the asphalt that places soup dish is worn, integrated condiment is worn to wait a moment. The shelving in the kitchen should have the characteristics of convenient applicability, space saving and clear classification. And the modelling that kitchen place content wears has 3 kinds only normally, board type, hang type and desktop 3 kinds.

Kitchen shelving is basically made of space aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, wood and other materials.

Space aluminum shelf, can be set according to different functions, with fast cylinder, knife, etc., in the production process involved in oxidation, injection molding, machining, stamping, polishing and polishing processes. With anti - corrosion ability can resist oxidation, use time is longer. Because of the existence of lampblack in the kitchen, aluminium makes buy thing frame to suffer dirt easily, bad clean.

Stainless steel shelving is mainly welded and can be made according to the needs of various shapes of shelving. The method of production is relatively simple, but the quality depends on one's workmanship. Affordable surface smooth, easy to clean.

Woodiness place content wears the solid wood plank that is price molding commonly, only solid wood plank just has enough bearing capacity, solid wood place content wears environmental protection and very beautiful. Woodiness meets water easy become moldy, but meet water in the kitchen cannot avoid again.

If the kitchen is not big enough, you can choose hanging shelving. The best choice is stainless steel shelving. When installing, the installation position must choose convenient and reasonable position. Can install according to different kind, for example, asphalt rack can be installed on the side of the sink that wash a bowl, cutter rack can be installed on the corner of hearth.The seasoning rack can be installed close to our cooking.