How to buy folding chair?

- Mar 17, 2020-

1.Product structure: Plastic folding chair, which is composed of a new type of stool surface and stool legs. The connection method between the stool surface and stool legs is hinged. The lower surface of the stool surface is concave, and the lower part of both stool legs is M-shaped or similar. In the shape of M, the depressions of the two stool legs and the middle of the bottom surface of the stool surface are hinged by two links. The advantage is that the stool legs can be folded into the stool surface and viewed from the outside, it is only a stool surface, which is very easy to carry. In addition, due to its reasonable structure, good mechanical properties, and low price.

The folding chair has a triangular stool seat and its three upper stool legs are connected to the corners of the stool seat. A stool leg bracket is fixed to the bottom of each upper stool leg and has an asymmetrically shaped transverse hole. A Y-shaped center connection assembly holds the leg brackets together. The joint has an irregularly shaped extension. When the stool leg bracket is turned into the first state, the extension portion can be inserted into the asymmetrically shaped lateral hole of the stool leg bracket.

The leg support can be turned to the second state so that the upper leg can be inserted into the leg support and pressed against circular support or flange located in the leg support. Insert the lower stool leg into the stool leg bracket. The stool can be folded up by folding the leather bracket and by folding the legs to a substantially parallel state.

2. Product mix: folding chair, lightweight, stackable seat, not only convenient to move, but also save space.

The seat panel and the back panel are generally injection-molded in the mold with native PP plastic; the square and steel tubes of the chair frame and the chair legs are sprayed with electrostatic silver powder. The square steel tube is more durable than the round steel tube; Footpads will be added where the ground touches to prevent slipping and prevent scratching the floor. Use occasions: various training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families and other places.

3. The purchasing knowledge of folding chairs: folding chairs are easy to use, light and easy to carry, whether it is a home rest or traveling, it is an indispensable tool, so you should be especially careful when selecting. Not only is the quality better when choosing, but comfort is also a consideration.