How to buy a kitchen shelf?

- Oct 12, 2019-

1.Understand the material of the kitchen rack.

The rack is placed in the kitchen. In order to avoid corrosion by oil, it is best to choose plastic, carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel. Compared with stainless steel kitchen shelves, carbon steel kitchen shelves are popular among the public for their low price, outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, and long-term use. They stand out among many kitchen rack products.

2.The load-bearing capacity of the mesh.

Most of the kitchen racks have mesh parts. It is good or bad to see the nets, mainly to see its load-bearing capacity. Most of the kitchen racks have a load capacity of 30-50 kg, and it is enough to put general items in the kitchen. However, some kitchen shelves have better quality mesh and have been built with good craftsmanship to accommodate more and heavier debris. However, if it is a poor quality mesh, its load-bearing capacity cannot meet the daily use requirements. Remember to check whether the mesh is high enough when purchasing.

3.Shelf V-shaped

If the shelf of the kitchen rack adopts the V-shaped triangular mechanics design mode, it shows that it has better bearing capacity. Even if a lot of debris is placed on the shelf, it can also bear this steadily. There will be no bending or deformation. This type of design can also effectively improve the load capacity.

4.The shelf connection

The connection between the racks can adjust the layer height of the mesh, and it can also facilitate the free combination of the racks, which can make the racks more flexible, and can also change the shape of the kitchen racks. However, if the connection is fixed and unadjustable, it will not be able to put more items.