Four types and differences of household folding chairs

- Jun 23, 2020-

Folding chairs are common daily necessities in our lives. As our living conditions become more and more simple, the types of folding chairs produced by folding chair manufacturers have also undergone great changes. The appearance is more beautiful and the shape More abundant. Folding chair manufacturers will produce different types of folding tables and chairs according to the specific use environment and needs. There are four types of folding tables and chairs that are more common in the current market:

1. Leisure lounge chair: Sunscreen, anti-deformation, convenient folding, lightweight, easy to carry, save space, in addition to all the performance of the conjoined folding chair, it is more durable than the conjoined, suitable for picnics in the countryside.

2. Cool folding chair: single-sided chair surface design and backrest, more cool and comfortable, can be placed directly on the ground, regardless of eating and cooling, it is quite convenient and comfortable

3. Tea table type folding chair: It can be unfolded as a tea table and can be put away after use. It is light in weight and suitable for traveling or family use.

4. Outdoor folding chairs: Most of them use aluminum alloy tubes and ABS engineering plastics, which are light in weight and easy to fold. Armrests on both sides make it more convenient to use. Simple and easy to collect, easy to carry when going out, does not occupy any space. The chair surface can be disassembled at will for easy cleaning. Widely used in leisure places such as corridors and outdoor activities.