Four points that should be paid attention to when buying beach folding chairs

- Jul 10, 2020-

Beach chairs can also be called folding chairs or leisure chairs: they are a type of leisure chairs. Beach chairs can be divided into cloth beach chairs, leisure beach chairs, outdoor beach chairs, folding beach chairs, leather, stainless steel, plastic, and other materials, but when buying, you need to choose the right folding chair, folding chair production The manufacturer recommends that you should pay attention to the following four points:

1. The height of the seat back: For those who like to sit in a dangerous position, in addition to choosing a stool without armrests and backrests, you can also choose a chair with low armrests and low backrests. ; If you like to put the center of gravity on your back and therefore lean on the backrest, you may wish to choose a chair with a higher backrest.

2. The inclination of the chair: the inclination of the back of the chair and the softness and comfort of the "additions" should also be taken into account. The inclination of the back of the chair is 90 degrees, and most chairs are slightly larger than 90 degrees so that the center of gravity of the person can be slightly backward, and the whole person can sit on the chair safely. A chair with a larger leisure function and a larger slope makes people feel as if they are "lie down" on the chair.

3. Stability of the chair: Focusing on the details of the chair structure, you can know the stability of the chair. The inspection of joints such as tenons and screws is very important. It is recommended that the user should try sitting by himself when buying, and shake the body slightly to experience the stability of the chair.

4. Height of chair legs: The height of the legs of the beach chair is related to the length of the user's legs. Except for the high chairs such as bar chairs, the height of the seat surface of the general chair will not be too exaggerated, but if you have a short stature at home If you are a child or an early child, you should also consider it.