Four aspects that cannot be ignored when maintaining the legs of a folding table

- Mar 27, 2020-

At present, the folding tables on the market are all wood and semi-wood. Generally, only the tabletop is made of wooden plates, and the table legs and other aspects are made of stainless steel. To achieve a better folding table, It is also important to protect the legs of the folding table. Therefore, the manufacturer of folding tables recommends that the following five aspects cannot be ignored during maintenance:

1. When placing items on it, do not exceed the large carrying capacity of the metal end, and whether it will result in loss. In the process of use, it is important to regularly check whether the joints of the table legs are firm, and if they are found to be insecure, tighten them immediately.

2. To prevent the use of bleaching ingredients such as 84, disinfectant and other types of cleaning agents and abrasives, washing liquid, steel balls, grinding tools, etc., in order to avoid residual washing liquid corrosion of the appearance of steel pipes.

3. In general, after the various types of steel pipe table legs are stained with oil, they can be cleaned with a dry rag. Be careful not to scratch the surface. Do not use rough and sharp materials to scrub the surface of the steel pipe. Scrub off the cloth.

4. The surface of the steel pipe is dusty and easy to remove dirt. It can be washed with soap and weak washing. The binder component can be washed with alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene).