Folding tables are so convenient for small families

- Jun 10, 2020-

In order to adapt to the buying habits of the younger generation, folding table manufacturers produce glass folding tables that are very convenient to use in home life, which is a great benefit for many young people who buy small apartments. Because the glass is relatively fragile, it is dangerous when used. So be careful when using it.

 Usually use less water for cleaning furniture, and avoid alkaline water. It is better to wipe it with a damp cloth moistened with water, and then clean it with a dry cloth; do not place too cold or overheated items directly on the surface of the furniture, it will damage the surface Protective paint and wax. Do not place sharp or rough bottom objects directly on the surface of furniture, and do not use organic solvents directly on the desktop. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time, so as not to cause the product to fade or yellow, and keep the use environment clean, dry, and ventilated to avoid moisture. Avoid affecting aesthetics and service life.

Glass is a material with a relatively simple production process, but the cost of tempered glass is still higher than that of traditional glass, but the safety performance is also more guaranteed. When buying, we must first look at It is whether the table is beautiful, whether the style is consistent with the decoration in the home, whether the glass material is smooth and translucent, and then check whether the glass folding dining table is firm, whether the tabletop is secure, and whether the welding of the four feet is in place; then check whether there are sharp points on the side of the table and whether it is done Edging treatment; try it out to check whether the production size is qualified.